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In QS-9000 Section II, under the Ford specific requirements (page 70), Ford says that 4.10.6 and 4.11.2b1 DO NOT apply to Ford suppliers.

In Section II of TE, under the Ford requirements (page 16), there is a list of sections that are found in QS 9000 Ford specific requirments, but do not apply to Ford specific TE requirements. Since the section of QS 9000 in question (supplier laboratory requirements and calibration services) is one of the sections that does not apply to Fords' TE Suppliers, it appears to contradict the statement in QS 9000. So, my question is: If interpreted as stated, does this means that 4.10.6 and 4.11.2b1 DO apply to Ford TE Suppliers? (We know that can't be what they intended to state because it's illogical to exempt the parts guys from this and still require the tool guys to do it, right? )


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My opinion is that the QS (Third Edition) on page 70 is sufficiently clear to 'assume' the TE supplement (Second Edition) page 16 omitted the QS9000 4.10.6 and 4.11.2.b.1 exemption either by calculation (intent, maybe because they were already addressed in QS9000) or by mistake. Technically I see no contradiction. I would claim the QS9000 4.10.6 and 4.11.2.b.1 exemptions per Ford requirements on page 70 if I had a reason to do so.

However, I will say what I tell everyone - call your registrar (project manager or your assigned auditor) and ask what they want. As we all know, different registrars quite often see things differently. Some may not agree with me, but they would be hard pressed to do anything other than 'dance on the head of a pin' about the significance in the situation. It's a quick and easy call to ease the mind. Document the 'advice' they give you (who, time and day of call, etc.).

Bryon C Simmons

I agree with Marc on this your registrar...the advice is free..just make sure that any questions that you raise with them, be sure your systems are in compliance when theay has been my experience that they may target your questioned areas during the audit.....keep us posted.


Dan Indish

As a Ford Tooling & Equipment Supplier, we have had discussions with Ford executive management on this subject. Executive management responsible for purchasing TE Supplier EQUIPMENT(TE-9000 management)say this is NOT a requirement.

Middle management responsible for buying SERVICES (QS-9000 management) for this equipment say it is.

Ford executive management has explained that this is part of their internal bureaucracy that needs to be straightened out, so they are currently enforcing this requirement which is written in Ford procedures.
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