Supplier Quality System perfomance


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Do any of You know how to perfom a supplier quality system??
It is necesary to audit the supplier system???

Or ther is another way???



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Standard (ISO/TS 16949:2002) suggest other methods also. Please refer

"""The organization shall have a process to assure the quality of purchased product (see 7.4.3) utilizing one or more of the following methods:
- receipt of, and evaluation of, statistical data by the organization;
- receiving inspection and/or testing such as sampling based on performance;
- second or third party assessments or audits of suppliers sites, when coupled with records of acceptable quality performance;
- part evaluation by a designated laboratory;
- another method agreed with the customer

Hence supplier sysstem audit is one way.


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It depends on your internal SOP how you define to monitor your supplier performance. If your SOP requires you to perform a supplier audit, there is no way around. If you don't have an existing SOP, then you are free to use any of criteria from Standard (ISO/TS 16949:2002) to develop one.

Hope this helps.
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