Supplier Revision Confirmation of Received Engineering Documents


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What is your process to make to make sure your supplier has the same revision as you on engineering documentation when you launch a PO to this supplier ?

• Do you ask him to confirm?

Even when rev. documents are written on a PO, this does not mean that the supplier respects it ... especially when the latter claims not to have received the new revision from you !

• How do you ensure that you maintain the traceability of your sendings?
• Do you use forms for this purpose? If so, is it possible to have an example?

Thanks in advance!



Yes, your supplier should be confirming they have what they need to fulfill your PO. Part of that means reviewing their own records to ensure they have the correct revision drawings. If they are not already doing that, and are sending incorrect parts, you may have a supplier problem.

First, make sure everything is correct on your end, and that you have indeed sent them the correct revision. Second, try to guide them to perform PO reviews on their end to ensure they have what they need. Help them be a better supplier.

Third, if that's not working, or they aren't interested, find another supplier.

I've had this very problem at another company. Once we dug into the problem, we found we were at fault nearly half of the time due to incorrect or misleading information. That supplier fell into the habit of trying to blame everything on us after that, even when it was clearly their mistake. So, we replaced them.
Not sending/receiving revision info is probably one of the biggest issues between supplier/customer.

It happened so much that we had to implement protections to ensure we had the latest revision per the PO. So now we basically catch all of our customers "mistakes."

These days a rev. change usually triggers a PPAP so it has become better.

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