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We have an existing Risk Priority Grade Scoresheet for OHSAS18001, can we used it as a reference in developing the Significance Score Sheet for ISO14001?
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Significance of health, safety and well-being impacts of processes are unlikely to correlate with significance in terms of a product's or by-product's environmental impact.


Jen Kirley

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While I agree there is little direct correlation, methods for scoring can show similarities. It seems sensible to avoid drastic differences between the environmental and safety approaches, if and where possible. For example:

1) Severity is the same idea, whether it involves the degree of potential harm to the environment or people.

2) Occurrence is the same, that is how often an activity takes place in which risk of the bad thing happening takes place. In safety the Occurrence is often measured by hours of employees at the task. In environmental, "frequency" of a task performed might take the place of Occurrence in safety's risk-hazard analysis.

The NCDOT explains its Aspects and Impacts process but does not go into detail of what frequency means, but shows a nice example of the document used to produce the scoring. The EPA Region 1 McCormack Federal Building EMS Procedure does a much better job of describing the criteria but does not show a useful format example.

I hope this helps!
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