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Supplier/Subcontractor Criteria



Any good examples or advice on Supplier/subcontractor criteria? I've been running around is circles trying to figure out how to "grandfather" some current non-ISO suppliers. HELP.

Spaceman Spiff

In my previous company we just stated that any supplier we used prior to the implementation of ISO/QS are grandfathered in. We supported this by having the supplier list with a flag that identify tose suppliers. We also stated in the procedures that we will work with those suppliers to achieve ISO/QS certification.

Laura M

Do you deal with any "directed buys" - where
the customer selects the supplier for you?
Are those suppliers receptive to your audits?
I've received modified QSA for self assesment purposes from our customers or potential customers. Does your registrar consider supplier self assessments as 'developing suppliers to the requirements of QS-9000?'

Spaceman Spiff

The evidence is performing supplier audits using the QSA. The feedback of the assessment is somewhat inline with what consultants would give (i.e., gap analysis and recommendations).

Spaceman Spiff

Yes, we did perform assessment on few suppliers the customers dictated to purchase from. However, majority of those suppliers are tier 1, so they are already ISO/QS certified. Our registrar did consider self-assessment as supplier development because we wrote that into the system manual. Were they always receptive? No, not really. However, ultimately they benefited from it when they went through their certification audit.
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