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Steven Sulkin

We need to track on time delivery, non conformances, and corrective actions from our suppliers. Anyone have an access or excel database we can use?

Please email me at [email protected]

Thanks in advance.


Same problem here Steven. I am also looking for a good program. (and cheap). I will let you know if I find something!

Andy Bassett

Just for info
I once created a simple excel database with 3 sheets in it;
One for overdue deliveries
One for Quality Problems
One for Invoice defects.
Purchase were able to complete this becuase all the above information ran over their desk ie they received copies of all the QC Rejection Sheets. They had to sign off all invoices that did not match the orders. And they got a simple print-out every Thursday of which suppliers were overdue with deliveries.
All very crude, but you should aim for a consistent system, not a high tech system.

A. Programmer made a small programme that allowed you to press a button and produce a ream of paper that compared the suppliers with each other. Ie in January supplier X is our top supplier. PROGRAMME never worked, but to do this manually was not more than 2-3 hours work per month.
B. Purchasers needed a lot of discipline to keep entering the data. Make the sheets as simple as possible, ie no more than 4-5 columns.

My experience is that if you want the system to be maintained it should be very simple. It does not matter what it is telling you (At least at the beginning of the implementation)it should however be consistent.
You will be amazed at the suppliers reaction when they know that they are being measured (Irrespective what the results actually say).


Andy B

Steven Sulkin

Have you been using the excell sheets a while? How many buyers do you have?

We are developing a more automated approach, though I like the idea of a simple spreadsheet. We just purchased a piece of software to help us query for reports a little easier. Our current measure is avg (price variance from standard, delivery, and percent conforming).

Our next step is to use the report to write corrective action requests and develop suppliers, but that's an entirely different matter, for a time that is far, far away, on a Distant planet and all. ;)

Steven Sulkin

Andy- do you track corrective actions too? We have since decided to absorb tracking into our internal corrective action system. A lots changed since I first posted ;)

Andy Bassett

Sorry Steve
Only just caught your reply.
One page of the Excel sheet was for Goods-in Quality problems. If we were able to send the goods back (wasnt always the case) we sent them a standard form that asked them;
1.Why didnt you find the problem-
2.What was the cause of the problem.
3.What are you going to do to correct the problem in the future.
The number of the form and the date of the reply was noted in the excel sheet, and yes the supplier was chased if he didnt answer.

In all honesty a greater emphasis was placed on getting a reply from the supplier than what the reply actually said.

Does this help.

As regards the Corrective Action system, irrespective of where the problems have come from i have nearly always orgnaised that they go into an Excel sheet so that someone can maintain an overview.




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