Supplier (Vendor) Evaluation Criteria - IATF 16949 Cl.


Other vendor selection criteria to consider are:
- Automobile business scale (ratio of absolute and total business);
- financial stability;
- the complexity of the purchased product, material or service;
- required technology (product or process);
- suitability of available resources (eg people, infrastructure);
- manufacturing capability;
- change management process;
- Business continuity planning (eg disaster preparedness, contingency planning)
- Logistics process;
- Customer service.

Do you need to evaluate all of the above items when evaluating vendors?
Whether you need it or not is up-to your organization to decide.

Standard doesn't mandate to include all these points during supplier evaluation. It is a recommendation from standard based on good practices worldwide. You can start with basic requirements as mandated by standard and include these parameters later on when you feel right. These points are beneficial, hence I would recommend not to ignore.
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