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Good day all,

I would like your assistance with implementing a Supplier Quality System (tips, tools, training courses). Let me explain you my case...
I enetered to the company as an SQE reporting to the corporate director of quality for all suppliers in Mexico. I'm focused only on finished goods purchasing. When I started working there were no tools to measure quality for the suppliers, (no audits, no format audits) the company didn't have any record of product inspection, audit findings. I started implementing dock audits to suppliers to ensure that the product delivered matches our specifications and reviewing and approving PPAPs for new products. At this moment those are the only activities I perform in the quality field. As you see there is no quality system in place to manage suppliers. And I want to start developing this system in Mexico.

I'm not getting too much (if any) support from corporate in terms of guidance, I do not know where to start or how to start this system and which tools to use.

I'm certified as an IATF 16949 internal auditor and have a course in Core Tools.

Some questions I have.. Which kind of audits should be performed to finished goods suppliers? and how often? Which areas should be supportive in this system? and which information should I ask from them?

I know this requires a lot of information and experience, but I only want to start working in the bases of the system, so I appreciate your comments and tips.

Thank you!


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Welcome, your question is a complicated one, from your post we can assume your are an automotive supplier.

Given this reality the requirements are fairly straight forward.
AIAG is your best bet (Details) ; some general guidance here, the APQP or advanced product quality planning process really sets the frame work and cadence from concept to launch usually the pure SQE effort lessens at launch plus ninety days.

Of the many steps and milestones on the road to a clean timely launch PPAP (Dimensional & Lab as appropriate) is major. A search of Elsmar Attachments will yield some pretty good/valuable templates etc., however, not knowing all the details of your ultimate customer, and any customer specific requirements, I urge you to error on the side of strict compliance with the AIAG APQP requirements and guidelines. Hope this helps - Optomist1
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