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What about corporate or legal office which supplies the organization with polices such as code of conduct, ethics, etc. ( Corporate Responsibility)? The corporate office/location does not get audited.

Steve Prevette

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I've seen corporate offices get audited. But even if they don't, if an auditor finds something at a facility where corporate governance SHOULD have prevented the issue, I am sure they will not that, or if you discover that during review of an audit done on you, then you still need to deal with the corporate office(rs).

ZHANG Junwei

I would recommend to align with your certification body and make adjustment with them.
According to IATF 16949, the company has to set these functions. The IATF list is just a recommendation, you can try on IATF website.
For my company, i can show you some examples:
- Strategic Planning, Policy Making,
- Marketing, Sales, Contract Review, After sales
- Product Design, Process Design, Testing,
- Supplier Management,
- Logistic, Warehousing,
- Maintenance,
- Quality System Management, Internal Audit Management, Calibration, Warranty Management
- Finance,
- Human Resource
Hope this helps!
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