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Fellow Regulatory Affairs professionals, Quality Professionals and Trade Compliance Professionals?I present to you a great resource for getting the answers and support we constantly need in our profession. Our roles in RA / QA / QE and Trade compliance are INFORMATION HEAVY. Without appropriate information inputs (guidance documents, regulations, rules, best practices, standards, talking to the right people with the right experience, etc.) we may not be empowered for the optimal quality, regulatory and trade compliance decisions that must be made.

It is in this spirit that I have created a number of global professional Instant Messaging Groups on LINE Messenger specifically for us RA, Quality, QA, QE and trade compliance professionals around the world and in specific sectors and geography topics. The groups are very specific.

Please only request from me to join the groups below that are relevant to your specific work assignment, sector or geography where you physically work or have experience or interest in working in a company or regulatory agency with products or registrations in these regions/sectors. Although being social is encouraged, we want to make sure that these groups are used as a professional means of communication for those with concerns and questions relevant to our expertise. LINE caps us at 200 people per group. Don?t join groups that are not relevant to you.


*I believe you need to have a mobile device to do the initial set up of LINE.

1. Download Line by looking up "LINE Messenger" on your mobile device app store. It's free to download. You must register the app first on your mobile before you can access it via the PC and Mac versions, I believe.

2. Once in the app, you can add me (Dallas T) to your LINE contacts by searching for my display name which is:


(yes there are 3 lowercase L?s). Search by my ID in the app by clicking the + sign in the top right corner to add me. Then there is an option to search by ID (dallltho) to add me. I will accept all contact requests and can then put you into the groups you are interested in. Just let me know in a direct message.

If you get lost, you can also reach out to me via a private message here on the forum.

Note that I may not be able to get back to you immediately, but I promise to get back with you when I can, so feel free to send me messages as needed.

I can email you the full list of groups with all their direct links to share. Please let me know via a direct message with your email address.

5 Groups for each of the geographies below:

1. General RA Group
2. Quality Group
3. Medical Device & IVDs RA Group
4. Pharmaceuticals and Biologics RA Group
5. Trade Compliance and Import/Export Group

32 Geographies for each of the above 5 groups:

1. Africa

2. Australia and New Zealand

3. Argentina

4. ASEAN Countries

5. Asia Region

6. Brazil

7. Canada

8. Central America and Caribbean Region

9. China

10. Colombia

11. Eastern Europe and Non-EU

12. Egypt

13. European Union / CE Mark

14. FDA / US

15. India

16. Israel

17. Japan

18. Korea

19. Latin America

20. Middle East

21. Mexico

22. Paraguay

23. Peru

24. Russia and CIS

25. Saudi Arabia

26. Singapore

27. South Africa

28. South America

29. Taiwan

30. Turkey

31. UAE (Unite Arab Emirates)

32. Uruguay
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