Surveillance Audit for AS9100D and new ERP system incorporated


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I am new Quality Assurance Manager for a small aerospace manufacturing company with approximate 35 employees. We recently obtained our ISO 9001: AS9100D certification and our surveillance audit is coming up in a few months. Our company just updated the ERP system which means many work instructions need to be updated along with procedures. I have already worked on some of these work instructions but in all honesty, I know this will be a long project ahead of me. My question is would I need to have everything updated by the time of the audit? I have been recommended to create corrective actions to reflect that we are working on them so the auditor can see it is being maintained. Our auditor was very helpful and gave me heads up on the procedures they will be focusing on. Is it recommended I at least have those updated completely or do the same and create corrective actions? Thank you in advance.


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You can create 1 corrective action that could originate from the internal audit to indicate that procedures need to be updated.
The new ERP should be discussed at the management review with an indication of its change impact.

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I personally would not document it as a corrective action - there's no root cause to get at and it's not an undesirable situation that you're trying to prevent from recurring. This is a planned change.

I would document the planned arrangements in management review records - with the indication of its change impact, as DannyK said. Which work instructions and procedures need updating? List them out in priority of urgency, indicate a timeframe for them to be completed, and determine what actions need to be put in place, if any, to control things until the procedure can be updated.


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I would add it in your Continuous Improvement Log. That is what we did because we are in the middle of changing ERPs as well as implementing an LMS. As long as it is noted that you are working on improving your QMS, and is discussed during Management Review, you should be fine.


Thank you all for your feedback! I am ultimately adding a timeline of the work instructions and procedures that are being maintained and their due dates in the Management Meeting Review minutes template. I also documented the changes needed in the internal audit reports to each of their corresponding work instructions, SOP's, and quality forms.
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