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Konstantin Stavrou

I want to know the MINIMUM number of on-site auditor days which should be spent by the certification body/registrar on initial ISO/TS16949. Excuse me for my bad english.
Our company is QS9000 & VDA 6.1 certified and there are still working 800 employees. We want to combine these norms in one audit.
Our auditor comes every 6 months for three days to our plant to make his surveillance audit. So there are now 3 mandays for QS9000 & VDA 6.1 + ??-mandays for 16949 ???

Thank you.

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Christian Lupo

Fot initial TS audits, it 12 mandays, for on-going surveillance its 6 days per year.

Christian Lupo

No this comes from the 12/6/99 revision of the Automotive Certification Scheme for ISO/TS-16949 Rules for Achieving IATF Recognition Annex 3: Audit Mandays for Certification to ISO/TS-16949. This is the IATF's rules for being an Accredited TS registrar. It is only a draft because it has not been accepted by European Accreditation bodies. Although some registrars are performing TS registrations none of them are sanctioned under an accredited scheme (i.e. RAB,RvA, accredits registrars to Guide 62).

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Regarding Konstantins Request for the amount of audit days there are also ways to reduce the amount of days for the initial audit for TS 16949 to 6 days instead of 12. The amount of surveillance days per year is correct - if you do design and the requested facility does not work under a coporate scheme. IF you are intersted in the specific requirements, please do not hesitate to send me an email or call me at 0049 40 32015-256.

Regarding the command that the accreditation requirements are not published because of european concerns, I can say that the accreditation requirements for the GErman registrars/plants are officialy published long before chrismas last year. The QSACL is also available since four months. Only the english version is still expected. The german accreditation/registration requirements refering to ISO/TS 16949 registration requirements dated June 16, 1999.

Christian Lupo

There are adjustments that can be made for the number of mandays...for example "corporate" certifications.

Dieter is correct, the IATF and the registrars participating in the ISO/TS-16949 pilot program have accepted the terms of the accreditation scheme. It is the accreditation bodies and (of course) the registrars that are not part of the pilot program, that do not agree with the scheme.

Peter Kraft

The mandays for TS 16949 are exactly the same like for the QS 9000 (registration and follow-ups). The only difference is, that the TS certificate is given for a 3 year period which means that after these 3 years you have to suffer a "renovation" or re-certification audit which will require more days than a normal follow-up. You may calculate about 66% of the certification audit.
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