SUV, truck owners get a big tax break - Revisited


Don Palmer

Well, I just could'nt resist. This was a hot topic at work today. See this old USA TODAY article to refresh your memory.

I'm pretty certain that anyone able to swing a deal like that can also afford todays gas prices.
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Al Dyer

There are restrictions on how a vehicle is used if deducted for business purposes, mainly to restrict personal use and meet requirements of the auto insurance companies. Most of us pay a sales tax on a vehicle but I don't know if that is deductable among the states or the feds.

Personally I believe there should be no sales tax or business deductions. Some people believe that businesses pay taxes, but businesses are set up to make money therefore all taxes are rolled into the price of whatever goods we purchase.

I seem to recall that businesses (trucking companies) have a special permit to buy diesel at a discounted rate from the posted pump price. This is also unfair in my opinion as the use of diesel fuel in personal vehicles (better milage) does not get the same discount.

Get rid of all government intervention in everyday business and personal matters!:nope:

By the way, gas is fluctuating between $2.69 & $2.99 per gallon weekly here in Lapeer, MI.



Fully vaccinated are you?
Muleskinner said:
I'm pretty certain that anyone able to swing a deal like that can also afford todays gas prices.
Yup - I think Arnold Swartzwhatever has something like 8 Hummers. The folks that can afford them typically can afford the gasoline.
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