Switch production from one machine to another


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So the most accurate answer is that if the customer explicitly require notification about process change (what machine change is), you need to notify them. If the customer do not have this requirement among his requirements, you do not need to, BUT(!) you need to somehow verify your produced parts on different machine to confirm, that the part is in specifications.
Yes - ask your customer; or just issue the PCN.

As reference, ZVEI provides some guidance:

Any change with impact on agreed upon contractual agreements
Any change with impact on processability/manufacturability at customer, which is not covered in the matrix below.
Production from a new equipment/tool which uses a different basic technology or which due to its unique form or function can be expected to influence the integrity of the final product
Production from a new equipment/tool which uses the same basic technology (replacement equipment or extension of existing equipment pool) without change of process.


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- whether implicit, written or otherwise, it is always "best practice" to share all changes, however "insignificant" with your OEM SQ, there are many instances where seemingly insignificant or benign changes were executed at a Tier1/2 subsequently identified as the root cause or one of several root causes to a field failure.
A bit more, from time as an OEM Adv SQ, evaluating suppliers facilities, AND, evaluating those same suppliers for future products, platforms - the Really Good ones are those who went above and beyond what a written spec or IATF16949 or similar states

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