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The ISO / TS 16949 is indeed drawn in the automotive industry for a system audit approach. Right? In process audits a company is basically free as audit unless there is specified by customer. e.g. Application of VDA 6.3. Unless properly or these statements can be confirmed?

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Hi, I'm not quite sure what the purpose of your question is.
A VDA audit is based generally on the TS standard and can only be done by a fully qualified VDA Auditor who knows the technique. A VDA audit is not purely system or process oriented, it's a combination of both and is based very heavily on customer-specific requirements.
I'm not sure if this answers your question. Please give us more details of your situation so that I can give you a more detailed answer.
sorry this is very vague at this point
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The ISO / TS 16949 is required in the automotive industry for a system audit, right?

For internal process audits the companies are not necessarily linked to a standard unless it is required by the customer. right?

Thanks for the reply!
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