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System Planning & Process Control


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Thanks for the wonderful article.

Myself sushant from india.

Have u help me to do process approch kind of a thing.

Bcoz what happened our company want TS certification.

And as an Quality engg. I want Auditing & process improving kind of a thing.


sushant kulkarni


Southern Gentleman

Good to hear from you. Thanks for the kind words on the article. Starting with a process matrix is a good to build any kind of management system, especially TS 16949. Good luck with your project!

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Here's a little something I wrote in the last week or so entitled, "System Planning and Process Control." The intent was to provide a roadmap for people to understand what their processes are and how to demonstrate control. Besides the article itself, there is an example process matrix that goes along with it. I'd enjoy hearing everyone's thoughts on this subject.
This article provides one of the best (if not The Best) explanations of the reasons behind the process approach (at least among what I've seen so far :)). Great job!! Thank you for that very, very much!!

I wish this great educational piece was a part of your recent "ISO 9001 In Plain English" book (although, I think I do understand some reasons why it wasn't). (BTW, I would like to thank you for that book, too!)

I also wish this article provided more guidance on documenting interactions between processes. I am a neophyte in the "Quality World", and I still may be missing a lot, but... in my very humble opinion, the version of "process matrix" described in the article does not serve this purpose very well: it is very difficult to see how exactly do the processes interact with each other. By any chance, do you have any other articles, books, whatsoever that would cover this subject - interactions between processes? I reviewed tons of discussions and documents at Cove (and in other Internet corners) in search for practical guidance on this subject, but... let's say, I'm still looking.



Southern Gentleman

Hello! Thanks for checking out the article. Yes, you definitely found the shortcoming: interactions of processes. The process matrix does a decent job of definig the processes in isolation, but it's less good at describing how they fit together. That's the beauty of a high-level flow chart--It can really tell the story of how things fit together. Of course, a flow chart has its limitations, too. I guess the best process description would be a combination of a matrix and a flow chart. That would give you everything.

Thanks also for getting my book. If only a few thousand more people will buy it, I might have a best seller... HA!

Warm regards,
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