Taking leave whilst travelling overseas on business - acceptable or not?


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Hi all,

It has been quite some time since my last post here. I hope all is well with you all and I will hopefully become a more frequent contributor again.

I am lucky enough to have a 2024 crammed full of overseas travel and I have a bit of a dilemma, well perhaps my over active imagination has made it one!! I will be coming over to the US in April, Cleveland firstly and then Las Vegas, all for business. However, based on already having spent a lot of time Asia in the last month, I would like to fly my partner and our daughter for some family time in Las Vegas. Whilst I can legitimately use the weekend, I would like to take an additional day out of my working week to enjoy some free time with them. Is taking a day of annual leave whilst away a faux-pas? I would of course not be expensing anything that is not business related and am happy to cover the hotel costs too.

I understand this may be a policy related concern, of which I cannot see my company has a policy that covers this specifically. I have not yet approached my manager as I didn't want to do this should it be seen as 'taking the mick'! I feel it is a reasonable request and believe I can still fulfil the purpose of the trip, I am just not one to pass up a opportunity and the perks of being able to travel for work!

I'd love to know what the Cove thinks!

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It is fairly common for most road warriors. As long as you pay for your personal stuff. It is always best to ask. Some old fashioned places and managers may not approve.


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Written from the heart, and without knowing whatever workplace policies exist...

If the time period would be approved for time-off, I see no reason why it would be an issue. I would do the following to CYA:
  • Charge zero expenses even tangentially related to the family time to a work expense.
This could be a specific room that you happened to be staying in before the time off, or even a rental car that gets used "an extra day or two".
  • Be mindful of the travel arrangements and expenses, especially if you try to coordinate work and family.
In your case, I'd be extra careful that the company isn't going to try some last minute policy change/enforcement... for example if you all fly teh same class together on one leg. I've worked for companies that would be absolutely bizarre about airfare prices and scheduling, especially for folks below a certain level. I remember one company telling me to fly instead of drive (cost was 2x to fly vs. auto travel including parking) for a conference... and I was leaving the conference for pre-approved PTO with my family! I should note that I was meticulous about my mileage expenses on that trip.

Hopefully you work for a professional enough organization that this will not be an issue.

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The german IRS might ask questions when the private time is more than business time on the specific trip. Doesn't sound like this, but still keep it in mind, if you countries tax legislation is as complex as ours in Germany.


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Las Vegas? I'd rather have a rash or scurvy.

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