Takt time and crew-to-takt concerns



Hi everyone, hope you can help me on this twi concerns

Takt Time

I have a production target of 100 per day on an 11 hour per shift production. From this, my takt time will be: (11*3600)/100 = 396

If my total manual CT is 1000, my crew-to-takt is 1000/396 = 2.525

But if I consider a two shift production:
takt time = (22*3600)/200 = 396
crew-to-takt = 1000/396 = 2.525

the takt time and crew-to-takt still remains. should it be this way? because I had expected the crew to takt to also double
Can anyone explain? Should the takt time or crew-to-takt only for single shift?


If I have multiple products running on the same line

Product A (UPH=10 ; Total CT=1000; current stations=5)
Product B (UPH=8 ; Total CT=899; current stations=5)
Product C (UPH=13; Total CT=1300; current stations=3)

How then can I compute for the required manpower if I am expecting a daily output of 120 units per day?

Bev D

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before my first cup of coffee - but start with checking your units of measure...
at first you say your output is 100 units per day then when you compute takt time for 2 shifts you divide by 200 units per day

Bev D

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if you redo the math using 100 instead of 200, I believe you will answer your own question. or at least change your question...
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