Tall Manufacturer - VDA Audit - Which parts of the audit apply to us?


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Hello my Dear Brainiacs

I have a little dilemma I hope you can help me with

we have a VDA audit in two week

even though we are the company that is being audited, the audit will happen in our parent plant

my dilemma is - which parts of the audit apply to us - which to the factory

example - def the manufacturing processes, non-conformance, shipping, QC will be all theirs
but what about complaints, order processes - do i have to bring our procedures and work instructions to show compliance ????

if someone could help me figure out the split - that be fantastic

until now - all my previous jobs was one factory - one audit - piece of cake

here with the parent company - im confused

thank you all in advance


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I assume it is VDA 6.3 and the audit will be performed by you customer.

Then the easiest way to look is what product you sell to this customer. They can only look at processes related to their products.


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Did you get audit plan? I'm afraid you didn't...
Process Audit VDA 6.3 should take place in areas where the process is going on.
So "BRING our procedures and work instructions" seems to me pointless.

Kiran Walimbe

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I get an impression, that your plant is not a regular supplier to this OEM. Therefore, the audit will be a restricted one for Potential Analysis as per Process element P1. The easiest way to get to know, what auditing will take place is to buy the Red Book or the standard of VDA 6.3 (2016). The guidelines and the questioning pattern are spelt out loud and clear.
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