Taper Callout - Allowance in terms I've not seen before


Phoenix Bob

I have run across a print with a callout for a dia. with a taper allowance in terms I've not seen before. The callout reads dia. .123 +/-.005 .015 inclusive taper per inch. Does this mean .015 max taper, 0-.015 taper, .015 taper W/I block tolerance? Does it mandate a cone? I'm in the weeds on this one, any ideas? Thanks!


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Re: Taper callout

I would suggest contacting the owner of the print and have them explain what it means. I have found that in most cases, different companies have different ways of explaining 'non-standard' concepts on drawings. They know exactly what they mean because of tribal knowledge and when they send them out, they expect everyone else to know as well.

Phoenix Bob

:thanks: Unfortunately it's an updated oldie and the corporate culture that knew is long gone. The original lists it as .015 taper incl. Which to me says included but whomever last updated the print wrote inclusive. Ah well, part function is understood so interpretation is just that. Thanks again.


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Perhaps this analogy is applicable:
Knife blade angles use similar language. An included or inclusive angle is one that combines both sides of the angled edges--usually assumes symmetry. So, 50? inclusive is one with 25? each side.
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