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I wouldn't complain if EVERYONE paid their "fair share" and the money was used wisely. I guess that's too much to ask... :mad: Some politicians consider me "rich" -- which is a joke -- when it comes to money at least. And some have no concept of wise use of taxpayers' monies.


gpainter said:

Mike S, we all know that Quality Managers are $RICH$ :D Special thanks to Sirlard for extended use of your money.
Gee if that was true I think I (we) might be a little bit happier while at work.

I've seen some of those "average" salary polls, and since I'm at a SMALL company, I'm WAY below the average. I try not to think about that. Its quite depressing.

We filed about 6 weeks ago.

Why efile on April 15 if you're going to get money back? *confused*

Nosmo King

Standard for Personal Financial Planning

This seems to be the correct place for this snippet:--

There exists an ISO Technical Committee TC222, developing an International Standard for Personal Financial Planning.

1st draft due June 2003, Final November 2005
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