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pancreas said:


How can a percentage be considered more detremental to one group or another?

Not trying to start a war here!!!:)

It falls along the same lines as anonymous SAT and IQ tests not being fair even though they administered to names (sometimes numbers instead of names) only.

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pancreas said:

ISO is a U.N. Group

You have been misinformed, Al.

ISO is a nongovernmental organization and is not part of the UN system, whose membership is made up of national governments.

ISO's membership consists of national standards institutes, some of which are part of the governmental structure in their countries, others of which have a government mandate, and still others of which are purely private sector bodies. Because of this mixture, ISO is able to play the role of a bridge between public and private sectors.

One other fact that signals the difference is that those who work for the UN system here in Geneva have the status of international civil servants and do not pay Swiss tax, whereas ISO employees do. My heart bleeds for them!!!!


An ISO standard on Financial Planning isn't so bad...the US Government has a Mil Spec on Fruitcake. (Doubles as a boat anchor):biglaugh:
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