Taylor years vs. Tonkins years


Strong Bow

In a recent e-mail Steve Buck made mention that I "marginally touched on the Tonkins years", and it made me wonder what effect the change in ownership had on the quality of the program. If any of my fours had been bad I might have an opinion, and while they were certainly different, the camp maintained the same essential style. I think Hal was much more hands on, but I was only there at the end of Ross's tenure, so mayber in the 50's he was the same. Both had Coach as a foundation. It did seem that Ross had more specialty counselors (Lyle Rosenthal for Dramatics and Larry Vaughan for Sailing come to mind) than Hal did, but when I was there with Hal I was older so I knew more of the counselors better, so maybe I liked them better. THe perceptions of a 10 year old vs. a 14 year old are bound to be different. I did always think that in 60-61 Tosebo was a little more "rough and tumble", which may be due to tent dumping and a memory of getting punched in the nose by someone who just didn't like me. Hal seemed to bring a more suburban camper. WHat does Buck think?
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