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Sean D Bannister

I have some great news to post.
Yesterday, our company had its TE-QS9000 registration re-visit, and I'm pleased to say we got our recommendation for full certification.
Unfortunately, UK and German accreditation bodies are unable to issue TE certificates for QS9000, so we will have to wait for our certificate.
I'm now wondering how many companies have full QS9000 certification with TE supplement, either in the US or Europe.
As I have mentioned before, I am more than happy to share my experiences with those who need a little guidance.
Take care for now,
Sean (A very contented engineer).


Congratulations and thanks for the offer. Maybe some folks will take you up on your offer!

Molissa Burton

Congratulations on your certification.
I am currently preparing for T/E implementation and have a few questions that maybe you can help me with.
We design and manufacture a very large product and don't have the capacity, power or time to run it here at our plant. Most of the time we sell the product to a customer who then sells it to the auto company. I am not exactly sure how we are going to fulfill the Machinery Qualification Runoff requirements. In the past the final customer would do all of the Cpk and testing for their own purposes. So again, I don't know how to handle this correctly.
We are certified to ISO9001 so we do have a final inspection, but it is only of the controls, and we just turn them on to see if we get power, not necessarily anymore information.
I would appreciate any help that I can get.

Tom Goetzinger

We are also in the process of obtaining TE registration. While we sometimes perform complete runoff at our plant, that is not always the case.
I'm planning on relying on clause which specifically states that "All test shall be performed at the system supplier's facility, or as directed by the customer." By making sure that our customer agrees as to what testing will be done where, we will satisfy the requirement and the intent of the standard.
Hope that helps. Would like to see input from others who are already registered to the TE requirements.
Good luck with your project.

Sean D Bannister

As you are aware this specific runoff requirement is not appropriate for many applications. We have drawn up a final inspection policy for each type of product we produce [Note. the policy ranges from 20 hr dry run for multi station transfer m/c's to 4 hr for a simple test device].
We identify very clearly and precisely what final inspection and test we are going to apply to the product in the quotation package. As long as the customer order duly received is clearly approved and traceable to the quotation, this is considered sufficient. We were a bit apprehensive of taking this approach at first, but as long as the text wasn't "hidden" and that it clearly identified the facts, it was accepted.
Hope this helps,

Rod Cler

Please disregard this posting

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Brian Dowsett

Hi Sean,
Greetings and congrats from an Ex Essex man now working (SQA) in Ireland. Having helped some of my key material suppliers get to QS9000, the spotlight is now turning to our external tool makers (who mainly make tooling for our injection moulding machines).
Our tool makers are all ISO9001 but I am considering asking/helping them to get to TE supplement standard. What's the story regarding UK/Ireland registration bodies? can the likes of BSI or NSAI register them?
Also, as a newly registered firm, have you experienced much improvement in your own performance as a result of the experience, and for that matter is it giving you any edge in the market place? Last question, is there any training available?
Thanks in advance


Sean D Bannister

Thanks Brian,
I was indeed an ex-essex lad myself for a few years, but by loyalty got the better of me and I moved back. Firstly to answer your question concerning approved UK/Ireland certification bodies, I do know that UKAS are still in the application process with the AIAG (I spoke to UKAS last week). The German bodies DAR/TGA have this approval and our registrar is currently finalising approval with these authorities. Because there are also very few qualified assessors in the UK, one of our assessors came from Germany. Having made many enquiries in Europe and in North American, I have found 12 registration bodies approved to certify to TE, but they are all in the US.
With respect to the benefits of having attained the TE supplement, it certainly helped the petition for our Q1 award, and yes we have seen some immediate results regarding our position in the market place. In terms if our performance as a company, it is difficult to assess the effects/benefits of certification. For instance, I have bought much experience of continuous improvement (waste reduction, customer satisfaction etc,) from my involvement in the component sector, into an environment that is not yet feeling the competitive pinch. Futhermore, it is difficult to assess the effectiveness of improvement actions when you are providing a bespoke product over lead times of many months and sometimes years. We introduced policies for standardisation and modularity a couple of years ago and are only just starting to see results of these actions.
Training is very limited here in the UK, even though progress and understand is quite good. I feel this is down to good support and guidance from the customer in terms of individual elements (e.g. R&M). I have not come across any TE supplement training in this country. When I enquired about one course I saw advertised in Quality World, I was told it had to be cancelled due to lack of interest.
I hope you find this information of use.

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Brian Dowsett

Thanks Sean for your detailed reply.
I think my best approach will be to "cherry pick" the most applicable sections of the TE supplement to work on with our toolmakers, in the knowledge that the new ISO will also contain some elements of TE/QS9000.
Are there any toolmakers out there with experience of TE? was it good for you !


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