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Tina W

Hello Everyone
I have checked into this site a few times and liked what I have read. I'm new at this QS-9000 stuff. My boss wants the QS-9000 but to keep in mind that we build tooling therefore we will need to get TE Supplement later on. Any ideas on where to start or who I could benchmark with. Thanks Tina

Laura M

Do you only build tooling? If so the T/E supplement is the only application document, not QS, then T/E, but QS-9000 with the T/E supplement.

Tina W

Yes Laura, the only thing we build is tooling (both automotive and others) but we often do an inital run (but not always) for our customers. So do we need to do the control plan and fmea for the parts, or can we just deal with the reliability and maintainability of the tooling and let our customers deal with the rest concerning the parts? This is half my problem since I can't determine where I should begin. Tina

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Jim Evans


You might want to review section 4.2.4 of the TE Supplement. I believe most of your initial runs as you describe them would fall under 4.2.4 Machinery Qualification Runoff Requirements. It does require you to consult with your customers to determine the specifics for each job. Hope this helps.

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Tina W

Thanks Jim. Some of my confusion has been cleared up. I still have a lot of work how ever. I'm sure my name will appear again.
Thanks Tina
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