TE Suppliers vs. Ford QOS


John Swartz

This question goes out to any TE'er involved with Ford, especially their Q1-2002 and QOS Checklist.

Ford has informed us they will meet with us to review our QOS Checklist for Q1 consideration. After reviewing the checklist it has become apparent that it was written for production parts suppliers. Where we manufacture painting and material handling systems, the checklist is about 95% useless to us. Process capability, APQP, PPAP, Premium Freight, etc. is not value added to us.

Our process is to measure and cut sheet metal, form it, weld it then install it. Of course we first design the systems to customer spec's, develop drawings, BOM's, cut sheets, fab papers, etc. During this process MFMEAs are developed and during installation TGR/TGW, FRACAS, etc. are developed in the R&M plan.

The question is this, "How am I to approach this QOS checklist?" and, "What should I expect from this meeting with Ford?" It's our first Q1 meeting with them. :confused:

My STA is either too busy to respond to my inquiries, does not want to do business with us, or is a ghost! I have e-mailed my STA until the 'SEND' key was worn out and left enough voice-messages that everytime I pick up the hand-set, the phone automatically dials his number!

Any help with this will be appreciated, especially from Claes, I think I saw his name somewhere tied to Ford QOS.

Thanks everyone.

John :agree:
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