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Rod Cler

I'm interested in locating sites that have sample quality manuals, procedures, work instructions, etc. for tooling & equipment manufacturers. Locating ISO and QS samples has been relatively easy but haven't had any luck with TE Supplement samples. Thanks

Sean D Bannister

I purchased a book called The TE9000 Supplement Documentation Toolkit by Janet Novack and Kathleen Bosheers (published by Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-13-863309-6). The book comes with a 3.5in floppy containing a set of QMS procedures in MS Word (PC & Mac).
I personally do not like using prescribed material, and prefer to build documentation around the company needs. By writing from scratch, it promotes ownership and commitment to the QMS. Despite this, there are some words in the above book which may provide inspiration.
I hope this information helps.
Regards, Sean.
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