Technical Specifications - Do we need them all?



Technical specs

We take the chemical , mechanical properties of raw material from material handbooks avilable with us. We do not have a copy of the relevant ISO,DIN or ANSI standards with us.

I feel this is a non-conformance and we are trying to procure all these standards but find the cost of standards to be very exhorbitant.

Your views on this situation will be appreciated.


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Been there, done that...

Yep they are expensive. Some ideas that may work:

Option 1. Ask a customer who is buying your product to share the spec in question with you as a part of THEIR spec, problem is that you need to make sure you always have the proper revision.

Option 2. Find a related but noncompetitive industry in your area and share the cost of the specs, problem is availability you'll need to demonstrate that you can always get the info when you need it.

Option 3. Buy the standards that are the highest priority to all of your work, and then cover the others using option 1 or 2 or both.

I have used option 3 in the past and shared the additional expense with a sister division nearby. We solved the current revision problem by issuing a standing order for those books that affected our product. no need to buy the SAE standards for condoms if you are producing cat food so to speak:eek:

Ken K

no need to buy the SAE standards for condoms if you are producing cat food so to speak

Darn near fell off my chair:D Good one SteelMaiden

The initial costs of specs is the price you pay to do business. The one that kills me is when they do a revision and it's just an editorial change. $$$ Someone knows how to make money!

Our Corporation has finally realized the cost invovled in keeping these up to date so they put the latest revision of each on our Intranet for download. I know someone still needs to pay, but it saved our plant about $30000.00 per year in subscriptions.
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