Technical Steps to ISO 17025 Accreditation


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I’ve done internet searches for “Steps to becoming 17025 accredited”, and the vast majority of the results are about getting administrative things in order like the quality manual, document control, approved vendor lists, training records, customer feedback, etc., but I'd like to see more details for getting technically prepared. I'm thinking the steps would go something like this:

1. Decide which parameters are to be accredited (are they customer or industry driven?)
2. Identify which lab equipment can produce the lowest uncertainties for those parameters
3. Work up uncertainty budgets for each range/parameter that will be added to the Scope of Accreditation
4. Establish traceability; i.e. ensure the lab equipment has accredited calibrations to start with
5. Document the parameters in a draft Scope of Accreditation, following guidance by the Accreditation Body chosen by the company
6. Identify which units under test (UUTs) can be used to demonstrate each of the parameters
7. Identify which lab technicians are qualified to demonstrate the parameters (be able to provide training records to an assessor)
8. Do sample accredited calibrations on those same UUTs which are used to demonstrate the parameters
9. Go over assessment checklists to make sure everything is in place

Is there anything else I can add?


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Assuming you are working from the new Draft version of 17025 (this is the document you will need to work with) I will chip in with these other items to be considered:

* Suitability of laboratory environment
* Define your training program
* System of intermediate checks for your standards (cross checks)
* Proficiency test program for all disciplines in your scope
* Procedures. Validated unless you are directly using internationally recognized procedure
* Test report - Verify that all required elements are included
* Determine your decision rule for pass/fail interpretation
* A program to deal with Nonconforming work

Other areas fall into that gray region of not being "technical" but is still technical, like contract review with customers, establishing approved vendors, maintaining data integrity, impact analysis and recall system, stuff like that.

Also, chances are that the accrediting body (AB) you choose to work with will have their own individual requirements. Check with them, they will guide you into what they will be looking for. They most likely will have a checklist for you to follow.

Good luck!
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