Technology and Innovation - Easter Weekend 2017 - Thought Cartoon


Fully vaccinated are you?
By all means, please do discuss and give your opinion (circa 2017, of course...)


I'm cleaning out some drawers. This is from many years ago. I don't remember where or when I got it. If it's yours, let us know.


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That's rich.

Thirty years ago, at the outfit that got me interested in the quality field, my supervisor told me " we can't be bothered to take the time to do things right! "

Ronen E

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Another variant is "Let's just focus on putting out the current fires, then we can quietly sit down and discuss how to prevent fires around here!"

(Of course the "current fires" never run out)


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Reminds me of Grandma's cooking pot, or pot roast story, or whatever name it goes by this year.

It's often a guessing game whether the faster different way will actually be faster than the way you already know and are comfortable with.
We see cartoons like the above in the extreme, but the real everyday ones tend to be a lot more subtle and you're not always sure whether the "better" way is actually better or not.
Sometimes better is indeed better, sometimes it takes longer to learn the "better way" than it would have to just run it the "old way".
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