Teeth for AS9100 - Third party registration requirements


Christian Lupo

There has not been much interest in this topic, because third party registration has not been required by major aerospace OEM, and with the exception of GE and Boeing no one embraced the standard.

AS9100 was created to replace AS9000. It has been approved by North American and Europen Aerospace OEM's. They are committed to third party registration and are putting deadlines on registration for top tier suppliers.

The OEM that have emvbraced AS9100 and the third party system include:

 GE
 Rolls Royce-Allison
 Lockheed Martin
 Northrup Grumman
 Boeing
 Allied Signal


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I have no idea what will come of this. I did have this forum disabled as there was practically no interest. But recently I figured what the hay. We'll see. I still don't see it as a 'serious' document mainly based upon the small niche it occupies, unlike automotive.


Fully vaccinated are you?
> Tue Apr 11 16:02:52 2000
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> Subject: AS 9100
> We recently revised our quality system to reflect the change from AS
> 9000 to AS 9100 but was informed by our third party auditor that
> registration to AS 9100 is not available at this time through any
> registrar. Can you shed any light on this?

I haven't been following AS 9100 issues closely. Maybe one of the others can help here.


Our organization (a govt. aircraft and parts overhaul facility) chose to include AS9100 in our ISO 9000:2000 based system simply to force the supprt functions to focus more closely on our avaition customers. Our primary purpose in going toward ISO registration is to transition a govt agenecy into a business focused on cost, schedule and quality.


Christian Lupo

No registrar can issue an accredited certificate for AS9100 at this time. Although the standard has been released, the accreditation scheme has not been approved. They are thinking it should be approved by the end of the year.

N. Armstrong

When all else fails consult the author/publisher.

following is cut and pasted direct from www.sae.org

SAE Standards

Document Number: AIR5359
Date Published: March, 2000
Title: Requirements for Registration of Quality Systems to AS9000 or AS9100

Issuing Committee: G-14 American Aerospace Quality Group (Aaqg)

Scope: This procedure shall be applied by ANSI-RAB or other Accreditation Bodies to registrars that meet the criteria of 5.2 of this document, when specified by an aerospace company requiring assessment and/or registration of their quality system to the requirements of this procedure. The quality system standard shall be AS9000 or AS9100 and shall be applied to the supplier's complete Quality System that covers aerospace products.
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