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I have been appointed as Director of Internal Audit for a TELECOM Co.

I'm looking for help in whoch areas to concentrate on and any information that could help me in this posision.
Thank you
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Andy Bassett

You have asked a big question there, we could fill a book with answers, and there are many different opinion on how to go about this. Could you try and be more specific, in the meantime i will give you my take on the situation.

Build a team of internal trained auditors with the intention of auditing AGAINST YOUR PROCEDURES AND NOT AGAINST THE STANDARD.

Unless you have a paid ISO professional inside your organisation (which in my mind is not a necessity for anything but perhaps the largest organisations), outsource the auditing against the standard to an ISO professional.

Have a look around the other threads on this forum and you will see some of the arguements to support these statements.


Andy B

Jim Evans

We are ISO certified and we concentrate on three areas: 4.1 Maangement Responsibility, 4.14 Corrective and Preventive Action, 4.17 Internal Auditing.

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