Temperature and Humidity requirements for Raw Material Storage and Quality Labs


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Agree with 22 - 26 Deg of setting up the temperature
how about the humidity ? ..any ideal suggestion if I want to
have min & max limit to control ? ..

Thanks for helping
HI,let me know if you have got the help you needed?

miles ross


I wouldn't bother recording information as temp ans RH change radically on a seasonal basis. You would need a year of data just to begin your decision process.

I stem from the pulp and paper industry and my office was located in the QC lab. Temp and RH were controlled to 23C at 50% RH as per TAPPI standard T402.

Although this may not apply to your situation it's a starting point. Ideally get some direction from your client, if he cant specify anything and you cannot find an industry specific standard, just go with what you are comfortable with while making sure that you have a system in place to control it.

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Although I have moved on to another opportunity I will reply so as not to leave this hanging.

This issue cropped up during a VDA audit from a potential customer that is a very high profile Tier one entity. We dealt with thin strip metal, predominantly Stainless Steel for the automotive industry and that inventory is stored on racks in the shipping/receiving area. That area is periodically exposed to seasonal weather changes as outside access is necessary for loading and unloading deliveries.

During my tenure with the company and after this was issue was brought up I installed recorders and then measured a test piece of product and correlated the data from the part measurements to the changes in the environment over time. The coefficient of change was negligible and since the Customer never materialized, we removed the recorder from the area and chocked it up as a learning experience.


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The LAB 36 Standard - Laboratory Accommodation and Environment in the Measurement of length, Angle and Form from UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) states that the temperature should be 20˚C +/- 2˚ and the humidity should not exceed 55% rh.

As we are UK based, adhering to this should give us the minimum contribution to variation of measurement due to the environment.
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