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Fully vaccinated are you?
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Subject: Re: Fw: Tent 4 - 1957
Date: Mon, May 02 12:42:22 -0600

Yes, and Jerry Hudson fed Isom Ex-Lax and Coach Roskie really raised ****! (As he should have!)

- Bob
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OK. That is me, but it's definitely 1957. I remember Dickie Isom well. I think he must have been autistic or something. I remember he had behavioral problems and Joh Sebaly watched over him.

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Subject: Tent 4 - 1957

Left to Right: Tim "Termite" Berquist, Terry Larson, Bob Hausser, Dick Isom

Rear: "?" Counselor

Notice organization of items on shelves in back of tent, including seldom used tennis balls and rackets! Where were our jeans? And second pair of shoes?

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Lawrence Meyer
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