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Luis Alves


Since we are first line suppliers of Ford Motor Company, and we will be QS
9000 certificate, should we accomplish TES & QSA-TE?

In affirmative since we made metallic parts what should we demand to our
progressive dies suppliers, and raw material suppliers?

Tanks in advance,


Tom Goetzinger

If you are a first tier supplier of components used in vehicles, there would be no need for you to secure certification to the Tooling and Equipment Supplement to QS9000. That is only appropriate if you provide machinery (tooling and / or equipment) to perform processes used to perform manufacturing.
As to what you should require of your suppliers, that depends on how your procedures and policies are written. QS9000 surely strongly encourages you to develop your suppliers with the goal of compliance to the standard, but it also allows you to prioritize their development based on the importance of product or service they supply.
I believe many companies are struggling with how to comply with this aspect of the standard.
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