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Howdy everyone. I have yet another question related to design.

We are looking at all aspectsd before claiming an exclusion for design and development. Our customers are responsible for designing the products and we manufacture them. The question I have is related to product testing. Usually the test procedures are provided by the customers, but sometimes they're not and we have to develop the test procedure. If the procedure is based on the specifications and requirements the customer provides, can we still claim exclusion?

I hope this question makes sense. Let me know if you need more information. :)
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Your position should remain that you do not design a product per se.

You cooperate with the customer in test planning but the 'design' of the test is not applicable in the same way design of the product is. If that were NOT true, almost everything could be technically classified as a design. 'Your' test design is tangental to the product design and you do it in consenance with your customer.

However, it sounds as you may be speaking design of validation tests in which case I would classify you as a part of their design process. It might be that they should be addressing the issue in their system as well.

I'm currently putting together what is actually design testing to set a specification limit for a customer part for a client. My client does not do design work. Technically the customer has asked for help. We won't change the scope of the registration to include design just because my client helps a customer by designing a test which will set a specification limit and one that will be used during production once the specification is set.

Yup - you should be able to stay on the Design Excluded list in my opinion.

Jimmy Olson

We do a couple different tests, but one test is a functional test (which would be a validation test I guess). We develop the test to determine the steps we need to do to make the product do what it's supposed to. Basically do step 1,2, and 3 and the light should come on.

The customer is the one that specifies that the light should come on as a function of the product and then says to test the product to make sure it works. Even though we develop the steps of the test, the required results are specified by the customer. I think we can still claim excluded, but I know this is kind of a gray area.

Jimmy Olson

One other aspect that I forgot to mention is that we design a lot of our own test fixtures. This applies to tests that are provided by the customer as well as tests we develop.

Management really wants to exclude desgin and development and I want to make sure that we can instead of having something come back and bite us in the :ca: :p
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