Test Method Validation (TMV) for all Measurement Methods in Rec/Inspection


I am currently a Quality Engineer that recently started supporting the Receiving/Inspection department. My company receives many custom components that go through measurement/inspection at Receiving/Inspection. Currently, majority of the parts are being measured using standard gauges/hand tools (height gauge, calipers, micrometers, etc.). However, for efficiency and automation purposes, we are trying to move away from hand tools and to use vision systems or CMMs.

The current plan is to develop measurement methods for each component, program the measurement methods, and perform MSA/TMV on each method. So far, we have successfully validated ~20 components. However, my main concern is with so many different components (over ~500 components), we will be inundated with the task of developing, validating, and maintaining these methods.

My question: Is there a better solution to control automated measurement methods, instead of validating every single measurement method for each individual component?

For example, for calipers we have a general GR&R study that shows calipers can be used to measure ranges from X to Y with minimal variation. Would there be a similar method that can be performed on custom programs that automate the measurement method?


I think you are talking about bulk measurement inspection using an automated system. There are better solution to control automated measurement methods that can be implemented using AI based vision systems. One of the example I know is of automated bulk 2d code reading (search this term with the suffix Qualitas). If I get your question correct you can try connecting with this organization called Qualitas Technologies.
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