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Hi Again

Similar to my previous post

I guess this one is a little harder, but any experience on testing a product recall process - guides - further info , would be great.

I am thinking about if we find out there was a problem with products which have gone out to customers. MY concern is having to involve them in the test?



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Re: Product Recall testing

I have never brought a customer into a recall system challenge.

What I will do is pull a quality record at random, and make up a problem. Then work through the system all the way up to writing the communications to the customer, but never sending them.
The objective is full traceability of all components and materials from receiving to where they would have gone from our shipping dock.
We are a contract manufacturer, which makes it a bit easier because everything we make has a single point to go to... then we need to lean on our customers' recall systems beyond our shipping dock.

Richard W

cheers Scott

we are slightly more complicated as we outsource only and we provide customers, but more likely to 100's of their customers

it would be almost impossible to know where the products ended up, but obviously we know who we delivered to.

that's why I thought about asking them, but perhaps I should focus purely on the point where we deliver them to.?


Dependent on which country you reside, there may be a government body that overseas recalls and may be able to provide guidance. In Australia is overseen by the ACCC and there is website www.recalls.gov.au which has guidance material that may be of assistance.


Hi! I recommend [FONT=&quot]RECALL HANDBOOK (A Guide for Manufacturers, Importers, Distributors and Retailers on Reporting Under Sections 15 and 37 of the Consumer Product Safety Act and Section 102 of the Child Safety Protection Act and Preparing for, Initiating, and Implementing Product Safety Recalls Including CPSC Fast Track Product Recall Program and use of Social Media).[/FONT]

Richard W

Thanks all.

Do you know if you can find out if a certain company has been involved in a product recall?

Our customer has asked how we make sure we do not deal with such companies.

At the moment I just want to make sure I can me sure if they have or not?

Any ideas, is there a database of some kind - I have been looking and have asked trading standards also who are hopefully going to get back to me
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