Testing (Evaluation of) and Verification of Employee Color Vision

I am working in an industry where being able to properly see color is important. The company currently does not do any type color testing so I am looking for some advise on what some people are doing to evaluate peoples ability to see colors? Is there some type of online resource that can be used to test people?

Thanks in advanced for your advice.


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Curious, is this for currently employed personnel, or as a screening test for applicants? If they are current employees, I am not sure you can fire them for failing the test, but instead reassign them. As a screening test for new employees, you can make it terms of employment (though I bet it is still a legal issue).
There are several methods already mentioned, and the selection of the method will be determined by exactly what you are trying to assess. Is it the ability to see color at all? The ability to distinguish between shades of the same color (and if so, how 'precise' do they need to be?), or something else entirely?


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We also used the x-rite meters for 1st piece and audits. Quality, Supervisors and Leads had to be able to tell that the hue is changing during the production run. Anyone that didn't pass, we usually allowed three tries, was disqualified not fired. Testing was in a light booth so the hues showed correctly.

Our Tier 1 & 2 customers had specifications. Our resin suppliers had to meet specs. Both provided master color plaques to compare with. But, they all used the visual hue comparison and harmony as the final authority.

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