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I have now compiled my comprehensive BCP for the business but it comes down to testing it. I have an idea of what tests to carry out but does anyone have an example of a test written down and an after action report. What should this include etc?

Any help would be appreciated.




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A copy of your Business Continuity Plan would help people here to help you. What, specifically, do you want to test?

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Here are examples of BCP Test Plan and BCP Test Report which I created and currently using. Let me know if this works for you.


  • TMP14-BCMS-BCP Test Plan-R1.pdf
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  • TMP14-BCMS-BCP Test Report-R1.pdf
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It might be nice to include a reference to the procedures that people were supposed to follow.

It might also be informative to include a timeline of actions taken and the level of effectiveness or the impact on the situation.

Don't just discuss recommended improvements...discuss what worked to ensure people keep doing it.

Take pictures of people as they "respond" - this not only engages people in the report but also shows what is working or not working. As an example, when I worked in a steel company, we had a mass evacuation drill. The entire Engineering Department was "run over" by the (imaginary) fire trucks because of where they were standing. *lol* Okay, it made us all laugh but there was a serious message intended and they were drilled on where to properly meet.
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