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Thanks for giving me the opportunity to give a little bit back


Joe Hahn

I also wish to add my best wishes for a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
I always look at any of your posts because of your lucid writing and common sense approach. THANKS!


happy birthday Wes, And I for one look forward to a lot of guidance from Gurus like you.

I am a newcomer here. I am learning the forum skills from people like you. Maybe I have offended someone already with some emphatically stated views. I'll take this opportunity to say sorry to anyone offended by my posts. Please excuse me all, I am still learning.

And Wes is a great help to me in this job apart from so many others.
Well, it's been 7 years since I began this thread. I'm past 10,000 posts, and still trying to help. I'm happy to note that a lot of the rancor we experienced in the early days of the Cove has disappeared. We haven't had a public melt down in years.

The moderators continue to perform a superb job in scrubbing spam.

The range and scope of topics seems to have increased exponentially. Alas, my own knowledge does not extend across the full range of topics which now appear over the course of a week. (It kind of reminds me of my relationship with the magazine, Scientific American: 50 years ago, when I was a regular subscriber, I could work out most of the puzzles that appeared in a regular feature each month. Last week, I looked at an old issue in a friend's office and I could barely understand the puzzles, let alone work out any solution.)

The information deluge which the internet has wrought overloads many. The wonderful miracle which is the Cove has become one of the sources where the bewildered can find someone to throw a lifebuoy to pull us out of the deluge and onto a ship safely on course to a solution.

I'm looking forward to another ten years.


Congrats to you Wes, I enjoy reading your posts/comments, you are very informative.
Let us know when you get to 10,000 posts, take care.


Dittos to all the previous posts, Wes. You can add me to the list of Covers who've benefited from your insights. You are definitely a valuable and appreciated asset here.

...and, Happy Birthday, fellow Illinoisan. :hbday:


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Always been interested in reading your contributions Wes and its great to see someone championing Deming's Profound Knowledge.

Keep it going


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Congrats to you Wes, I enjoy reading your posts/comments, you are very informative.
Let us know when you get to 10,000 posts, take care.
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