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Thanks for giving me the opportunity to give a little bit back

So, I'm still around. My output of posts has slowed considerably, not because I have less to say, but because we have so many others who have such good advice that mine seems redundant.

I've mellowed over the years. I still cringe at gross misspellings and grammar errors, but only intervene when they would seriously impair the intent of a post. How can I rail against poor spelling and grammar when the documents my grandchildren in elementary, high school, and college bring home from their teachers ALSO contain spelling and grammar errors? Too many folks are in the habit of "txt spk" and fiddle with thumbs on touch screens instead of ten fingers on full-size keyboards to worry about typos.

I still fret and worry about folks who are unemployed or under-employed.

Jobs with the word "quality" in the title become fewer and fewer every year, but the concept of quality is still important in everything and those of us devoted to quality have to be more forward in demonstrating how quality delivers value and thus give value to our input and keep quality professionals pertinent in today's marketplace even when the job title is "production manager" versus "quality manager."

I would appreciate knowing if any of the job hunting advice I've doled out over the last ten years has helped you or someone you know.
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