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Thanks for the help


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I would just like to say thank you for all of the assistance and expertise supplied on here over the last year for all of the stupid questions I may have asked. The ability to read these threads and others like have enabled us to get through our AS9100 accreditation with no NCRs first time of asking. All discussions I have read or been involved with on here have always provided me with an insight to other operations and their manner of dealing with the standard. I'm new to the quality field and auditing to standards after being asked to make the jump 12 months ago now, its been long, confusing and trying at times but as an exercise in general I feel educated and more confident than I have in many years. So to all the people on here who have offered advice, good or bad, to all the people who have started other threads where I have gleaned a snippet of information from and adapted to my own needs I say thank you for your time and knowledge it has been a godsend, hopefully going forward I myself can provide a spark or a nugget of information to somebody which helps them along the way.:thanks::applause:
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