The Age of Spiritual Machines - R. Kurtzweil



Being a quality professional I always felt I should be on top of any possible topic, technology thru philosophy.

This book is actually a somewhat stimulating and entertaining look into a possible (probable?) near-future. Has actually nothing to do with an earlier referred book " The machine that changed the world", book could have had the same title...

At the rate that computer and computation technologies have improved over the last few decades, and the last few years in particular, it is no wonder that some techies post that computers will soon surpass human intelligence in some areas. And given the drastic increase in what I've heard referred to as American Anti-intellectualism in recent decades, this may occur sooner rather than later. The book's jargon may be a bit much for the non-techie reader, but with careful and steady plodding one should be able to get one's head around most of the concepts. And if the content of the book proves to be too much to digest or comprehend, find comfort and amusement in the fact that the cover of the book is REAL SHINY!!

I warn you about reading this book. It will change the way you will look upon the future.


Mike S.

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Sounds like it might be talking about the creation of a "machine" like Commander Data on Star Trek TNG???
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