The Chit Chat and 'Let's Meet' Thread - Meeting Other Elsmar Cove Participants



I really wish I was still in the business! Al wants us to think about his pancreas and remind us that we have one, I think!:) :smokin:
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Al Dyer

Not really guys, I tried to change my name but could not. My problem, not yours.

Marc, if you can make the change for me I will be grateful. I would rather be known by "AL" than "pancreas".


Yes, people should know about the purpose of a pancreas. But although important, I just use it because I can remember it because I was in the hospital for it. Very painful but I use it as a logon for a few sites. You have me down to a tee Willy!!!!! :bigwave:


Fully vaccinated are you?
You are now, again, Al Dyer

Your 'password' is the same - I don't know what it is - and I can't get that from the software - so I hope you remember it because you may have to 'log in' again. I don't know for sure. Never done this before....

Al Dyer

Thank you sir!!! Everything seems to be kosher with the passwords and names.

Now I am not a body organ:bigwave:




Al Dyer said:

Thanks Claes, it's good to be back!:agree:

Al Dyer...
Only when I'm aroused, can I be fresh.
Messing with your signature. Do you like it?:vfunny:

Just being me!:smokin:


Had to share this...

In a previous 2 day pass to Marc's files, I came across a funny cartoon about "Gang Auditing" (a couple old dudes on motorcycles talking about low riding downtown and gang auditing some people). I had it hanging outside my office on my last job and my audit team thought it was a riot.

I began a new job a few weeks ago and quickly discovered two things:
1. My staff was somewhat lacking in humor, and...

2. the Internal Audit program was poorly designed and driving everyone nuts.

So I quietly hung the Gang Auditor cartoon on the "Audit" bulletin board, labeling it, "QA humor". Let's relax and look at the light side, folks. I came in this morning to find that someone had removed buzz was: some evil auditee had snuck in and put it up to "get us". :vfunny:

Oh my. I have my work cut out for me! Time for Humor101!
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