The Concept of TQM (Total Quality Management) in the USA

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Hello Cir,

In the 1980s, TQM became what is referred to now as a fad. It enjoyed brief stardom when organizations such Florida Light and Power, Ford, and Xerox adopted the works of Dr. Deming and Taichi Ohno. In actuallity, these examples I have given you were quite successful in its use. However, there were many other organizations who looked at this success and thought that they could quickly and easily plug in TQM concepts and tools to meet with equal success.

It is my feeling that the reason TQM was a fad here was because of these other organizations who did not understand that there is no "instant pudding". To have the results we desire from TQM (any management philosophy or concept), we must understand the core principles. Most organization did/do not. They think that it is as easy as plugging a formula to develop instant riches.

I hope this helps to get things started.


Thank you Kevin!
But, maybe I was wrong in my question, I need legislative documents (govermental decree's etc.). Why? We are developing our govermental policy in the field of TQM and observing the experience off all countries.
I couldn't find any documents concerning USA goverment policy in TQM issues.
I'll veru appriciated if you can send me any legal documents or any other information on the matter.

Makhmud A. Albekov

Kevin Mader

One of THE Original Covers!

To be honest, I do not know of any such decrees here in the United States nor would I think that our government would make such a mandate.

In Dr. Deming’s last book, The New Economics: for education, government and industry, 1993, Dr. Deming tries to point out the problems with the prevailing paradigm in government here in the United States. His book is about his System of Profound Knowledge (the New Philosophy) and how it can be applied across all areas. I would recommend that you find yourself a copy of this book as it might assist you in your endeavor to apply TQM concepts and techniques in government and also help you to connect it to Profound Knowledge. While Taichi Ohno is given credit for the creation of TQM in the 1960s, it is important to point out that much of what TQM is taken from Dr. Deming’s visits to Japan in the 1950s.

Another distinction should be made here. Dr. Deming did not endorse TQM. His main reason for not doing so was because TQM lacked the key ingredient: Profound Knowledge. Since you are planning to apply TQM in the government sector, it would be important to understand how TQM concepts and techniques interact with Dr. Deming’s Profound Knowledge. Without it, I am afraid that you will meet with the same level of ‘fad’ success and result in doing more damage than good. The success of the organizations I noted in my last post can be seen as less than what it was when Dr. Deming was still alive. This suggest to me that staying the course and being guided by the wisdom of Dr. Deming’s Profound Knowledge is key to your success. I hope I have stressed this point enough.


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