The Cove's Sister: Quality Forum Online


I wanted to take a minute and give Atul Khandekar a heartfelt "thank you" for setting up Quality Forum Online while Elsmar Cove was on Sabbatical.

Atul spent a lot of time setting up and developing that site for us to use. And to be honest, I like how it's laid out. It seems to me to provide a nice compliment to the Cove.

So if you get a chance, be sure and thank Atul. Also, consider contributing your knowledge at that site as well as here at the Cove! :agree1:


Absolutely! Atul built a wonderful site, and it was our "new home" for nearly a year. It is still growing, and still a very relevant part of the online quality conversation.

We really can't thank you enough, Atul.
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