The differences between a goverment audit and a QS90000 audit.


Scott Phillips

I am wondering if any goverment ageancies has ever been QS9000 registered?

Since, 911 all we hear about is the lack of accountablity by regulators and agancies to do the people's business.

Is this a possible solution?

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QS is automotive. I'm not sure it would be well understood in the context of government services.

barb butrym

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some suppliers service both defense and automotive as well as aerospace/nasa. Most I have had occasion to work with are ISO/DoD electronic.

The difference is the governing mil standard tells you HOW to do stuff (although many reference the systems too...) and the ISO/QS tell you the system requirements. PPAP/APQP is typically required but called something else. So the audits focus is on how you do what you do, not just that you do what you say. Both cover records very closely. DoD requires intense/effective internal audits and training/certification programs that do more than judge/teach compliance to the standard. I was fortunate (???) enough to lead the first hybrid manufacturer to achieve both DoD Mil 1772/mil h 38534 and ISO9000 registration/accredidation back in I feel I can speak intelligently on was a fine line to walk....

barb butrym

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OOPS i misread the topic.......sorry i thought you were looking for the differences.....its hot and head is all full of moisture...LOL

I'll leave it for reference anyway....

the DoD group we had was trained in ISO auditing and offered an ISO audit tag along with their DoD audit so it seemed they were practicing the principals...and the auditors were excellent.

Al Dyer


I think you are right on, the government mandates what is required and how you will do it, ISO/QS/TS only tell you what is required and how you do it is your own business.

Very interesting, sometimes I think I might like the government way better. But then I would be out of a job!:D

Scott Phillips

Everybody has helped to sharpen the scope.

Each of the 50 states and more than 100,000 counties implement the mandate as they see fit.

So the first step is to ISO the individual goverment systems.

Then have "GOV ISO" come in from the state or federal level and assure the mandated missions are in compliance with the expected outcomes, thus, accountablility.

This is purely a straight forward approach. With no apperiaction for how poltics influnces goverment systems.

"Such as walking the fine line."

But having a fundmental system would be the starting point.

Thank you, for the points of view.

Scott :cool: whaaat Ideeeea!!!! :D :D :D :
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