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IEGeek - 2006

I love the format joke. However, for some reason our IT director, did not think it was that funny. In fact he was not laughing even after he found out it was a joke. In fact they are starting to monitor all my .......[MESSAGE DELETED, NOT CORPRATE RELATED]
Chitchat said:
It the format joke really safe?? I'm afraid to let it run to end just in case. What eventually happens?
It's very safe (apart from the occasional cardiac arrest it may cause :rolleyes: ). It's a simple GIF picture, and it just starts over again when it reaches 100%. I can't blaim yoyu for being careful, though. A banker (A big London bank, no less) friend of mine actually did manage to do a format c: at work, back in the 80's. He is to this day known as "the guy who formatted the hard disk". It didn't exactly earn him the title employee of the month...

Back in the early 80's, when desktop pcs were very new and scary, we used to have a 5-1/4 inch 360K floppy (looked like a 45rpm record for those of you who remember and it really was "floppy") with a phony "C" prompt which completely inverted any text entered so it would appear starting from the bottom right of the monitor. The panic calls were absolutely hilarious [back then] and more than once a person was reduced to tears.

Every once in a while (not a regular diet) an workplace needs something like that so everyone can share the sense of relief when the scare is past - like riding on a scary roller coaster - some of the best scares promote a lot of friendly interaction afterward.

Speaking of scares - time to start APRIL FOOL 2005 - see the new thread!
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