The Fifth Discipline - Peter Senge


Michael T

The Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge.

This book is without a doubt a must read for anyone truly interested in taking their ideas of systems thinking and learning to the next level. Sengy outlines a guide for leaders to follow who wish to move beyond the "gut instinct" style of managment.

In introducing his theories of Personal Mastery, Mental Models, Shared Vision and Team Learning, Senge shows that the principles of vision and creativity can be applied to everyday life as well as everyday business. Senge gently nudges the reader along a logical progression that frees the mind from its self imposed chains and subconscious assumptions to opening up new and exciting ways of seeing and thinking about virtually every situation/difficulty a person can encounter. He takes the reader from a typical linear thinking model to one where the mind is retrained to see situations in circles and their associated feedback loops.

In addition, Senge addresses the issues that elude so many authors today - ethics, creativity, personal growth, and the conflict between work and family.

A word of warning - this is not an easy read. In order to fully grasp some of the concepts that Peter Senge lays out, you may have to read a passage two, three or four times. While this can be time consuming, ultimately it is extremely rewarding when the full potential of Senge's words sink in. At least it was for me.... ;)

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